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Welcome to je_icons. This is a community for all icons related to JE. It's not too hard to follow the rules either. I took over this community after the last maintainers were looking for new maintainers. I'm hoping to keep this community alive and in one piece.

I.This is a community for je-icons only. kpop, cpop, jrock, or other forms of jpop are not allowed. There are other communities for that. You can post kpop icons at __iconcentral,kpop_icons, asian_icons and asian_graphics. Any other pop icons can be posted elsewhere. If you post icons other than je icons, you will be warned. If you do it a second time, your post will be removed.

This is also for icons, not wallpapers, headers, or layouts. Again, there are other communities for that.

II. If the maker asks for credit, be courteous and credit.


IV. Please tag your entries. It's not that hard to do.

V. If you have a problem with a user, please let us know. This is a drama-free zone.

VI. Want to affiliate? Let us know!

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